I underwent surgery at Glens Falls Hospital due to a fall that resulted in a fractured femur. I couldn’t walk.
I was transferred to Glens Falls Center for rehab. The staff is the best! They made it possible to become a new person, both mentally and physically. My Physical Therapists, Nate and Dave, encouraged me to try hard, and I did. Initially I didn’t think I could do it, but they knew I could and encouraged me to push through and take one step at a time. Now, I can walk again. My Occupational Therapist, Kerry, taught me how to maneuver around the kitchen with my walker and how to do things differently so I can take care of myself safely. Group Therapy with Leslie (COTA) was great; we laughed and joked around while we were exercising, which made it fun! Anna, my Speech Therapist, worked with me to help improve my memory, function and problem-solving skills to improve my safety awareness at home.
The nurses and aides were just wonderful. They did a great job taking care of me! The food was very good. I definitely recommend Glens Falls Center Rehab, the staff is the best, I am able to walk again and able to live in my home more confidently and safely. Thank You, Glens Falls Center!